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Since 1968, 239 Lambda Alpha chapters have been established nationally.  From modest beginnings Lambda Alpha National Anthropology Honor Society was founded on March 15, 1968 at Wichita State University by student Darrell Casteel.   Dr. Lowell D. Holmes became the first faculty sponsor for Alpha of Kansas at Wichita State.

Dr. Charles R. Jenkins was faculty sponsor for Alpha of Pennsylvania, established in 1969 at Alliance College.  He proposed that the position of National Executive Secretary be created by the organization.  Dr. Jenkins was appointed to this position in November  1973.  The Lambda Alpha National Executive Council was also created at this time.

Dr. B. K. Swartz, Jr. established Alpha of Indiana at Ball State University in June 1968 and remained faculty sponsor until his retirement in 2001.  He also served as National Executive Secretary from November 1985, when he joined the National Executive Council, to 2011.  Between 1985 and 2017, the Lambda Alpha National Office was hosted by Ball State University.  Dr. Swartz was assisted in managing the Lambda Alpha National Office at Ball State University by Mrs. Barbara Di Fabio, Administrative Coordinator, from  1997 to 2017.  Dr. Mark D. Groover joined the National Executive Council in November 2010, and was appointed National Executive Secretary by the council in early 2012.

The first issue of the Journal of Man was published in January, 1969. The journal was later renamed Lambda Alpha Journal in 1991. In 1975 B. K. Swartz proposed to Charles R. Jenkins that Lambda Alpha offer a national scholarship award for seniors, currently for the amount of $5,000. Dr. Swartz supervised the scholarship from 1975 to 2010. In 2002, Lambda Alpha introduced the Lambda Alpha Graduate Overseas Grants to help support thesis and dissertation research overseas.  In 2012 these awards were renamed the Lambda Alpha Graduate Student Research Grants, with the purpose of supporting both domestic and international graduate student research.  In December 2017 the Lambda Alpha National Office adopted a virtual office format to reduce operating costs and increase funding of student scholarships, grants, and paper competition awards.

Lambda Alpha Founders, Retired Council Members and Staff Members

Mr. Darrell Casteel
Lambda Alpha Founder and Anthropology Student
Alpha of Kansas, Wichita State University 1968

Dr. Lowell D. Holmes
First Lambda Alpha Chapter Faculty Sponsor
Alpha of Kansas, Wichita State University 1968

Dr. Charles R. Jenkins
Faculty Sponsor 1969-1984
National Executive Secretary 1973-1984
Alpha of Pennsylvania, Alliance College

Dr. B. K. Swartz, Jr.
Faculty Sponor, Alpha of Indiana 1968-2001
National Executive Secretary 1985-2011
Alpha of Indiana, Ball State University

Dr. Elwyn C. Lapoint
Council Member for the Northwest
Spokane, Washington

Mrs. Barbara Di Fabio
Administrative Coordinator 1997-2017
Lambda Alpha National Office,
Ball State University

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